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【Score Updated #1】Invest in or Not? – NKN –

by eiga

Hi I am Masa Keith Nakatsu, Founder and Ex CEO of Orb ( founded 2014 and acquired by SBI Holdings in 2018 ) and Lead Mentor for Google Global Accelerator Program. I am serial entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist for Post Capitalism and Singularity.

This is the investment review for NKN. Decentralized CDN is one the critical industry layer to build Web 3.0, decentralized internet. CDN market is growing market with over 12% CAGR. because the traffic increase in 5G mobile internet. But, the key point is for the infrastructure of 5G mobile internet, we have to build more distributed antenna network rather than centralized antenna tower in 4G. This technology paradigm shift turn to be huge business opportunities for NKN. For more detail, please check the video. Enjoy it.

Also, you can buy NKN on Binance, the world largest crypto exchange, and my most favorite one. Here is the link:

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