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Should AMD Be Afraid? – Intel Alder Lake

by eiga

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Intel has been taking its lumps from AMD for the last few years, but their new CEO and their newest chip, the 12th-gen Alder Lake, might be the marks for a comeback! Anthony explains and shows off their latest gear in today’s video!

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0:00 – It’s ALDER LAKE time!
0:44 – Pressbox unboxing
1:38 – Alder Lake expanded look
2:56 – Alder Lake processor unveil and size comparison
5:27 – Z690 Socket impressions
6:34 – ASUS ROG Z690 Unboxing
7:50 – ASUS Ryujin II 360 cooler
8:44 – Sponsor – Seasonic!
9:04 – ASUS Z690 Maximus Hero Motherboard unboxing
9:20 – DDR5 Notes
10:22 – IO Information
10:49 – Final thoughts