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Japanese Yokai – 3. Oni, the Quintessential Yokai/【日本の妖怪】3.これぞ妖怪 鬼

by eiga

Let’s explore the world of “Yokai” with this series of seven concise introductions of Japanese culture that have been passed down and renewed through history to the present day. You can select subtitles in Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Khmer and Korean.

“Japanese Yokai” playlist

1. Japan, the Land of Yokai https://youtu.be/egXQKQC7ur4
2. Birth of the Yokai       https://youtu.be/w-OvkJji6sA
3. Oni, the Quintessential Yokai  
4. Kappa, the Quintessential Yokai https://youtu.be/V6twmBa6fUw
5. The Edo Period Yokai Explosion https://youtu.be/QUh0ba64Q6A
6. Hokusai and Kuniyoshi  https://youtu.be/wEhHlTcrHe0
7. The Spread of Yokai Culture https://youtu.be/_A1LCbNWnEE

In coordination with the release of this video series, the Japan Foundation’s traveling exhibition “Yokai Parade: Supernatural Monsters from Japan” will begin touring the world. Kicking off in Slovenia in April 2021, we are planning to make this a long-term tour, with the target being to have the exhibition visit 50 cities around the world over a period of roughly 10 years. The exhibition will showcase not only those yokai that we were unable to spotlight in these short videos, but also a variety of materials relating to the yokai. If the traveling exhibition comes your way, be sure to check it out! The touring schedule can be seen from the link below.



1.妖怪大国ニッポン https://youtu.be/egXQKQC7ur4
2.日本の妖怪誕生  https://youtu.be/w-OvkJji6sA
3.これぞ妖怪 鬼  
4.これぞ妖怪 河童 https://youtu.be/V6twmBa6fUw
5.江戸の妖怪爆発  https://youtu.be/QUh0ba64Q6A
6.北斎と国芳    https://youtu.be/wEhHlTcrHe0
7.拡大する妖怪文化 https://youtu.be/_A1LCbNWnEE