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Top 10 Most Powerful Glyphs in WoWs History

by eiga

in this video will be going over the best glyphs from World of Warcraft’s history, and pretty much whatever was the best version of that Glyph as well.

Video Managed by FelPlague
Video edited by The Flying Buttress

–The List–
Intro: (0:00)
10-Glyph of Demon Hunting: (0:06)
9- Glyph of Corpse Explosion : (2:33)
8- Glyph of Soul Swap: (4:06)
7- Glyph of Fae Silence: (6:13)
6- Glyph of Splitting Ice: (8:19)
5- Glyph of Binding Heal: (9:19)
4- Glyph of Garrote: (10:50)
3- Glyph of Explosive Trap: (13:01)
2- Glyph of Holy Light: (14:25)
1- Glyph of Gag Order: (15:45)
0- Glyph of Death and Decay, Glyph of Unleashed Lightning: (17:20)

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