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4K映像 絶景「新緑の上高地 梓川と穂高連峰」 5月下旬 自然音癒し風景 Japan Alps Kamikochi Fresh Green Nature Relaxation ストレス解消

by eiga

撮影年月日2018.5.25, 2018.5.27 11:00-14:00 撮影機材SONY FDR-AX700

撮影場所 google map 36°14’42.8″N 137°37’41.5″E 田代橋と河童橋の間 梓川左岸コース





The shooting date 2018.5.25, 2018.5.27 11:00-14:00 Shooting equipment SONY FDR-AX700
The image has high image quality for terminals such as iphone and ipad.

Kamikochi is a mountain scenic spot with an altitude of approximately 1,500 meters in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.
It is a mountain resort representative of Japan designated as a cultural property of the country (special scenic spot / special natural treasure) as part of Chubu Mountain National Park. There are 1.4 million hikers and mountain climbers visiting yearly.

In addition, it is also becoming a mountain climbing base to the Hotaka mountain ranch popular with mountaineers and Lanugatake, so in the summer season, it will show a lot of bustle with tourists and climbers.
Kiyomizu Azusa river flows, and the 3000 m class North Alps such as Hotaka mountains and Yakedake mountain stands. This landscape is truly moving. It is climate that it is easy to spend around 22 ℃ even in summer.

On 6 June 1914 (Taisho 4), the Azusa river was dammed by the massive earth and sand flow caused by the massive explosion of Yakedake. In the meantime the water reached Kamikochi hot spring, Taisho pond was born.
Since its wonderfulness was introduced to the world by British missionary Walter Weston in the Meiji Era, the Takamine of Kamikochi, the refreshing tide, the mysterious lake continue to greet people with unchanging figures.

Access to the Kamikochi bus by bus is done because my car regulation is done to protect its beautiful nature and fresh air. When heading from Matsumoto, take a direct bus from the Matsumoto Bus Terminal, or take a train to Nijima Station to transfer to the bus. You can also go by car to Sawatari (Sawando) and use the bus from there.撮影年月日2018.5.25, 2018.5.27 撮影機材SONY FDR-AX700