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X4: Foundations – 4.10 Update | Overview, Gameplay & Impressions (2021)

by eiga

X4: Foundations – 4.10 Update is the new game we are looking at today with an Overview/Review of what it is and how its gameplay plays. First we will review the need to know basics of X4: Foundations – 4.10 Update before jumping into deeper gameplay impressions. X4: FOUNDATIONS brings our most sophisticated universe SIMULATION ever. Fly every ship, EXPLORE space or manage an empire; TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD and THINK carefully, while you embark on an epic journey. Experience new features and improvements with the massive 4.0 Update!

X4: Foundations – 4.10 Update Gameplay Walkthrough (2021): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZTh0kEd98MdeIePmxYy_RGQ0V-bncwQB

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