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Rec UT 2021: Fixed Income Solutions in a Low Interest Rate Environment

by eiga

Interest rates in Malaysia are expected to remain low as part of the local setting for economic recovery. Many economies on the other hand such as US, China and Europe are ahead in their economic recovery helped by a high Covid-19 vaccination rate and have started to see inflationary pressures. This is an opportunity for “tactical” and “dynamic” bond funds to take advantage of the existing scenarios when interest rates rise overseas.

What is “tactical” and “dynamic” bond funds and how can it help to improve the risk-return relationship in your portfolio?

Join Chung Yee Wah, Senior Vice President of Investments at AmInvest as he shares his insights on the investing landscape today.

AmIncome Plus – https://www.fsmone.com.my/funds/tools/factsheet/amincome-plus?fund=MYAMICPS

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AmDynamic Bond – https://www.fsmone.com.my/funds/tools/factsheet/amdynamic-bond?fund=MYAMDNMB

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