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Fueled By Hope – Episode 1 Special Global Edition

by eiga

Fueled By Hope is mobilizing the global church to bring hope for the future to a digitally connected generation. Through the power of media and technology and the support of Kingdom partners, an unstoppable movement has begun.

Are you ready to be inspired? Visit www.FueledByHope.org for more info and join the Fueled By Hope movement!

Speakers & Artists

MC: Sarah Breuel / Rome, Italy / Revive Europe
● Nick Hall / Pulse / Minneapolis, MN, USA
● Bishop Efraim Tendero / WEA / Manila, Philippines
● Chadwick Mohan / NLAG / Chennai, India
● Francis Chan / Crazy Love / Hong Kong
● Geof Morin / Biblica / Colorado Springs, CO, USA
● Sherman Ng / Salt Media & Entertainment / Singapore & Andy Game /
7Media / Singapore
● Bethany Hamilton / Soul Surfer / Hawaii, HI, USA
● Leana Platt / Doxa Deo / Pretoria, South Africa
● Nathan Spicer / CV / Brisbane, Australia
● Dallas Jenkins / The Chosen / Chicago, IL, USA
● Isaiah 6tyOne / Gimpo, Korea

PULSE https://thekcompany.co/pulse-movement/
WEA https://worldea.org/en/
NLAG https://nlag.in/
CRAZY LOVE http://crazylove.org/
BIBLICA https://www.biblica.com/
SALT MEDIA https://saltmedia.asia/ OK
SOUL SURFER https://bethanyhamilton.com/ OK
DOXA DEO https://www.doxadeo.org/
CV https://www.cvglobal.co/ OK
THE CHOSEN https://studios.vidangel.com/the-chosen

Available in 20 language subtitles.

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