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Japanese and the “Brain originated with the Japanese language”

by eiga

Takeo Harada, CEO/Representative of the Institute for
International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc (IISIA) and author of
“Pax Japonica” published by LidPublishing (London, UK) in 2017(https://lidpublishing.com/book/pax-japonica/), talks with Lou Yaoqin, IISIA’s Global Brand Officer, to conceptualize the “Pax Japonica” together with the audience. The program is the fifth session. This time the theme is Japanese and the “Japanese Brain”. In the research of Mr. Tadanobu Tsunoda a truth was found that people who start learning Japanese before the age of 14 have so-called Japanese brain.
According to Tsunoda’s theory, the Japanese people use their brains in a unique way, different from “western” brains. The Japanese brain, argues Tsunoda, hears or processes music using the left hemisphere, where western brains use the opposite or right hemisphere to process music. It was proven that Japanese-speakers’ brains are even capable of feeling earthquakes in advance.
Why more and more people started learning Japanese?
What is the huge potential of the right brain of Japanese-speaker?
We are broadcasting the series of this program through this channel every Wednesday on
Japan time 13:00.
For further information and inquiry, please don’t hesitate to check our English website (https://iisia.jp/en/).”
Japan seems to be isolated, which is in fact not the case. She is rather historically
dedicated to lead the entire global communication, once it gets involved more
and more with tremendously complicated situations on the earth.
At the dawn of the upcoming era, Japan, the country of “rising sun”, is abruptly about
shine brightly again. It’s the “Pax Japonica” that really matters.” (Takeo Harada)