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Interview With 3 Young Japanese Blacksmiths

by eiga

In this video knifenerd Naoto Fujimoto interviews three young up blacksmiths from different regions of Japan. Each of these blacksmiths is forging their own way into the knife maker history books with their own approach to the art of knife making. Japanese knife makers spend years learning to make knives in different shapes such as gyuto, yanagiba, deba, denka, nakiri or petty knives. Each shape has its own special purpose. We hope you enjoy this interview with Go Yoshizawa, Manaka and Miyazaki.

0:00 Introduction
3:06 About Mentors
6:08 Other Blacksmiths They Respect
12:38 Their Passion about Knife Making
16:47 Things that They Want to Be the Best at
19:46 Bathroom Break
20:02 Current/Future Challenges
26:46 Favourite Steels
30:23 Favourite Lunch
32:44 Things that They Look Forward to Everyday After Work

Please check out the young blacksmiths’ knives here:

Miyazaki Kajiya
Haruki Miyazaki
Manaka Hamono
Kisuke Manaka
Nigara Hamono
Nigara Hamono

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