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Galan Lithium (GLN) – Financed for Scoping Study in Argentina

by eiga

Interview with Juan Pablo Vargas de la Vega, Managing Director of Galan Lithium (ASX: GLN)



Galan Lithium is a lithium junior mining company. It is an Australian-based mineral explorer that is developing high-grade lithium brine projects. These projects are situated in the prospective lithium triangle region of Argentina, South America.

Everyone knows that lithium has had a torrid time of things as of late, with depressed prices and a lack of capital for new projects leading investors to place their attention elsewhere. However, the long-term macro story remains convincing, and lofty demand forecasts, courtesy of the EV revolution, emphasise the deficit between lithium supply and demand. Galan Lithium’s share price has suffered as a consequence.

How does Galan Lithium plan to insert itself into the lithium supply chain? There are many more advanced lithium players that are struggling to raise capital right now, so why should investors care about Galan Lithium? Having raised $1.6M recently, and with Ganfeng Lithium involved invested into this story, there is clearly some degree of interest from the market, but what can Galan Lithium do to set itself up for growth come the start of the next lithium cycle?

What did you make of Juan Pablo Vargas de le Vega? Are you a fan of the investment opportunity that Galan Lithium is providing to investors? Comment below and, as always, we will respond.

00:00 – Introduction
2:33 – Company Overview
3:51 – Australian Lithium: Any Interest from the Public?
5:16 – Shareholder Registry: Relationship with Ganfeng Lithium
9:35 – Confidence for Success: The Business Plan
18:14 – Competing in a Tough Market: Do They Have a Chance?
22:54 – Technical Capabilities, Team, Infrastructure
27:19 – Deliverables for 2020 and the Future for Galan Lithium

Company Page: https://galanlithium.com.au/

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