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NEW Workout Program!

Hiii guys!!

Here is a glute focus body weight workout you can do at home or in the gym! This workout, although is just body weight (& a band if you have it!) is brutal! I was dripping sweat by the end of it and my glutes were so sore the day after this.

This isn’t just a random bunch of exercises thrown together either. These are all effective exercises that are strategically placed throughout the workout based on a few factors! One being their force vectors (the direction of loading relative to the body). Bodyweight in this case is our force. Adding weight to your exercises would be increasing the amount of force placed. For example – In superset 1, you are training the glutes from a horizontal vector and then a vertical vector. This workout includes horizontal, vertical, and lateral vectors. Then I also take into account how the glute muscles are being worked making sure they are working from varying angles throughout the workout in order to effectively target the glutes in their entirety (shortened & lengthened position). I also take into account the amount of effort needed for each exercise and place them in order as so. Lastly, is going to be personal preference. I may love some exercise variations for my glutes and get amazing contact, while you may feel the complete opposite and vice versa. That’s human anatomy for yuh! So I suggest trying out this workout and if there are any exercises you just don’t love, swap them out for something similar! Ex- Frog reverse hypers – Standard reverse hypers. Deficit Split Squat Pulses – Bulgarian split squats or Sumo Squats.

There is a lot that goes into creating an effective workout and training at home with just body weight can most definitely be effective, IF (BIG IF) you know how to properly create a plan.

& YES. It is most definitely possible to see results at home and put on muscle. You just have to be creative with your programming and utilize other training techniques that don’t require extra weight but still put a good amount of stress on the muscle being worked. I have a video on this. Also, remember that your body does not know what you are using as weight. Weight is weight. If you can become creative with home items (or even family members lol) to use for weight, you can see a lot of progress! So although working out in a gym with all the weight you need is ideal and most effective, you can still see great progress and results at home if that is all you have as an option. & of course, don’t forget genetics. They are the biggest factor to glute development.

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WORKOUT: 4 sets of everything
1a. B-Stance Hip Thrust with pulse X10 (L&R)
1b. Deficit Split Squat Pulses X15 (L&R)
2a. Glute Kick Back (Constant Tension) X20 (L&R)
2b. Side Step Outs X15 (ea. way)
3a. Single Leg Incline Glute Bridge X10 (L&R)
3b. Fire Hydrants X15 (L&R)
4a. GoodMornings X12
4b. Frog Reverse HypersX10

These are all Super sets! Complete 1a and 1b back to back for 4 sets, Not resting between exercises but resting after both are completed at the end of the entire set! Once you have done 4 sets of both exercises you can move onto the next super set.
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