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Deep Fukuoka : 24 hours tour | Ramen, Dazaif, Hakata 😃Solo Trip Japan Vlog 福岡(太宰府・博多・天神・元寇防塁・福岡タワー)

by eiga


This is a vlog of my visit to Fukuoka Prefecture (Hakata, Tenjin, Dazaifu).
Fukuoka Prefecture is home to many historical sites called Genko Basho. I think it’s hard to go there for ordinary sightseeing in Fukuoka, but I went there to enjoy Fukuoka Prefecture in depth! Fukuoka is an interesting city with a lot of history.
After seeing the Genko Bastion, we went up to Fukuoka Tower for a panoramic view of the city. The view from 123 meters high is breathtaking!
Then, after eating gobo-ten udon (delicious!) We went to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, a classic tourist spot. Umegae mochi (rice cakes) sold on the approach to the shrine were delicious with a simple taste.
After sightseeing at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, we returned to the Hakata/Tenjin area to see the modern development of the city. And to top it all off, we had Hakata Ramen at Ippudo! Fukuoka’s great–so much good food!

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🏆World Tower Ranking 🏆.
No. 1 🥇 Tokyo Sky Tree (Japan): 634m
No. 2 🥈 Guangzhou Tower (China): 600 m
No.3 🥉 CN Tower (Canada): 553m
No.4 🏅 Ostankino Tower (Russia): 540m
No.5 🏅 Xibei Zhuangguang (China): 470m
No.6 🏅 Oriental Pearl Tower (China): 467m
No.7 🏅 Borjeh Mehrad (Iran): 435m
No.8 🏅 Kuala Lumpur Tower (Malaysia): 421m
No. 9 🏅 Tianjin TV Tower (China): 415m
No.10🏅 Beijing TV Tower (China): 405m
Fukuoka Tower (Japan): 234m

Source: World Tower Rankings,https://www.blue-style.com/world/tower_ranking.php

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0:00 To Dazaifu, Fukuoka City!
0:21 Go to Genko Bastion (Ikumatsubara)!
4:49 To Fukuoka Tower!
10:53 To the Genko Bastion!
12:27 Goboten Udon (Daichi no Udon Hakata Chikaten)
13:41 To the main approach to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine! (Umegae rice cake)
19:22 To Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine!
24:57 To Tenjin, Mizugami Shrine!
28:17 To Nakasu!
28:57 Go to Watanabe-dori!
30:12 To Tenjin Underground Mall! (Cafe Tyrol)
32:04 To Ippudo! (Hakata Ramen)

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