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PS5 Kraken Major Advantage? Control 40% Smaller Than XSX | PS5 Sells at A Loss

by eiga

Reports have been circulating that Control Ultimate Edition PS5 edition is a staggering 40% smaller than the Xbox Series X version. Is this the Playstation 5 Kraken compression at work? Such a huge difference in file size is definitely worth examining, so we discuss exactly how the PS5 compression tech works, and examine if it could be the cause of the difference in file size in Control Ultimate Edition.

The SSD decompression tech, as well as the read and write speed is one of the biggest features of both the PS5 and XSX, but is it really the reason for this huge disparity?

Sony have also revealed that the PS5 is selling at a loss, at least so far, which is fairly expected at the start of a next generation of console. As production of the hardware specs of the Playstation 5 (as well as the Xbox Series X for Microsoft) the amount of loss they are making on the next gen consoles will diminish.

We also have a small update for AMD’s RX 6700 XT, the upcoming mid range RDNA 2 GPU, and this time the leak confirms some details a bout the specifications of the graphics card. So how can we expect it to fare against Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3060?

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