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Multi Directional Lunges

by eiga

Multi directional lunges are an ultimate addition to your training!

If you have tight hips or knee issues, then practicing these will help you move better plus help with your flexibility and the tolerance of your knees. Hitting these strange angles is something to build up – not avoid!

On the other hand, if you’re generally flexible but find that no matter how much you stretch, you still feel tight, these will add stability to your hips and you’ll find you need to stretch less!

The Lunge angles are stepping back:
1. Straight behind you (6 o’clock)
2. At a slight diagonal (4 o’clock / 8 o’clock)
3. Out to the side (3 o’clock / 9 ‘clock)

Keeping the front foot facing forwards throughout!

Repeat that circuit 10 reps of the circuit per side (totally 30 lunges per side!) and if your glutes feel hammered after it you really, really need them!

Over time you can add a plate or block under your front foot to give you a slight deficit, making them the most mega mobility activation warm up you can get!!

Multi lunges are AWESOME!


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