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Harsh Snehanshu, YourQuote : How I failed forward to success

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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. These words are a mantra for many entrepreneurs, but putting them into practice isn’t easy. When you invest months or years of your life into a startup, seeing it fail can be devastating. It isn’t hard to lose faith in yourself and choose an easier, more conventional career path. This was true for Harsh Snehanshu, who walked away from entrepreneurship for several years after seeing his first startup crash and burn in 2012. It wasn’t until years later that he decided to get back on the horse and build YourQuote with his co-founder Ashish Singh.


Becoming a Student Entrepreneur: 00:38
Because Shit Happened: 03:07
Conceptualizing YourQuote: 06:04
Finding the Right Co-Founder: 09:03
Starting up in the Himalayas: 11:21
Making Use of $1 Million: 12:44
The Need for a Writing Platform: 14:12

Harsh Snehanshu started his first venture while he was still studying at IIT Delhi. He kept his startup, TheWittyShit, alive for almost two years before internal conflict between him and his co-founder, cash flow problems, and a realization that the business wasn’t scalable, tore the company apart. As a young entrepreneur, this failure crushed Harsh’s spirits. He walked away from entrepreneurship and decided to focus on becoming a successful writer instead.

It wasn’t until several years later, when Harsh was working as an employee for a startup, that his desire to start a company of his own was rekindled. He quit his job, and by 2015 he was onboarding two co-founders for his second venture, Flatabout. When the startup failed to raise funds however, his co-founders backed out and left Harsh to pay salaries. Harsh was broke within two months. Desperate to avoid total collapse, Harsh searched for a co-founder who would cover the companies costs. That’s when Ashish Singh, who was one of Harsh’s fellow students at IIT Delhi, decided to join Harsh in his search for startup success.

They didn’t find this success in Flatabout, and shut the company down in December of 2015. The two didn’t separate though, and instead began brainstorming for their next venture. For a brief period of time, the two attempted to build Whereabout, but decided to let that idea go as well when the startup became difficult to scale. As is often the case, our successes are born out of our failures: the ashes of Whereabout gave life to a UGC writing platform, YourQuote.

YourQuote was born in the Himalayas. The two co-founders didn’t want any distractions, and so they left Delhi and spent three months launching the product in a guest house in Himachal Pradesh’s Solang Valley. This unconventional move garnered them a sizable amount of media attention, which in turn enabled them to grow their user base quickly right off the bat. Things have been going well for the startup’s UGC platform ever since. They raised a $1 million round of funding led by IDG Ventures, and have managed to grown to 4.5 million users between their website and their app.

If there is one thing that anybody can learn from Harsh’s journey as an entrepreneur, it is that we should embrace failure and learn from it so that we can succeed later on. All is not lost when your startup crumbles, as long as we crawl out of the rubble and use the learnings from your mistakes to start building your next venture.

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