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Tax Loss Harvesting | Quicko x Zerodha

by eiga

Tax Loss Harvesting is the practice of selling your loss-making shares and mutual funds before the end of the financial year by converting these unrealised losses into realized loss.

With the end of the Financial year fast approaching, we discussed “What is Tax Loss harvesting?” and how traders and investors can use it to optimize their taxes. A detailed discussion about all that is Tax Loss Harvesting entails.

13:14 When can we repurchase shares that are sold for tax loss harvesting purposes?
13:50 What is the last date to harvest losses?
14:26 Can a trader choose to harvest STCL or LTCL for the same script?
15:03 Is Capital Gains exempt under the basic exemption limit?

Read more about Tax Loss harvesting here: https://learn.quicko.com/tax-loss-harvesting-stock-trader

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