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Emerging Growth in Latin America’s Capital Markets

by eiga

According to Antonia Stolper, a Partner in the New York office of Shearman & Sterling LLP and head of the firm’s Latin America practice, “The impact of the current expansionary economic times in Latin America is having a range of important effects on our business and on the business of our clients. As countries come out of the recession we are seeing the needs to borrow, to issue equity, to raise money from the private equity markets, eagerness to do M&A transactions, to expand globally, and eagerness to invest throughout the chain.”

In this exclusive LegalMindsTV interview, Ms. Stolper discusses the impact of Latin America’s growth on the global capital markets as the region has been investing in reducing its significant infrastructure deficit, taking advantage of an export boom — particularly in commodities sectors such as oil and gas, minerals and mining, and agricultural commodities — and benefiting from a strong banking system that has been the result of regulators watching many past crises and focusing on high liquidity and capital requirements.

Stolper also explores some of the key challenges for international companies and lending institutions working in the region — from regulatory, environmental and social perspectives — as well as private equity, M&A and public-private partnership opportunities.