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The Final History of R-Type

by eiga

The Final History of R-TYPE Shoot ‘Em Ups – From the original Arcade R-Type in 1987 to R-Type Final 2 in 2021, a complete history of IREM’s iconic shoot em up series. R-Type is arguably the most well known shooter next to Konami’s Gradius and has graced over a dozen home systems, from the Sega Master System to the Super Nintendo, TurboGrafx, MSX, Playstation, Amiga and many more. Often imitated but never duplicated, the combination of devious, puzzle like gameplay and alien atmosphere made R-Type one of the best selling arcade games of it’s time. Do you have a favorite R-Type? Do you know them all? With the new R-Type Final 2 release just around the corner, discover something new about this legendary IREM series. And pay homage to the almighty Dobkeratops, the most recognizable boss monster in all of shmups.
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Special Thanks to the following for contributing gameplay footage:
JAIMERS – R-Type Arcade I & II 2-ALL

Armed Police Unit Gallop 1-ALL

R-Type LEO 1CC

Check out the No Slowdown SA-1 HACK of Super R-Type by Vitor Vilela
Support his great work on Patreon:


00:00 – R-Type: The Bydo, the Myth, the Legend
03:59 – R-Type Arcade: A Smash Hit
05:15 – Home Ports Galore: Turbografx, Sega, Playstation and more
09:14 – A New Dimensions
11:16 – R-Type II
15:15 – SloMo-Type [Super R-Type Super Nintendo]
16:53 – No Mo SlowMo: SA-1 HACK Super R-Type by Vitor Vilela
17:58 – Nintendo Strikes Back! R-Type III Third Lightning
20:59 – R-Type Metal Slug: Armed Police Unit Gallop
23:08 – R-Type LEO: The Lost Gem
25:24 – Disaster Strikes IREM Closes
26:37 – Rising from the Ashes: R-Type DELTA in HD!
31:41 – The Coolest R-Type EVER – DELTA Deconstructed
34:48 – Never say FINAL [R-Type Final]
39:25 – R-Type FINAL 2 PREVIEW
41:17 – R-Type FINALE
44:18 – The Almighty Dobkeratops [CREDITS]

Games Shown in this video:
R-Type Arcade I & II
R-Type TurboGrafx16
R-Type Sega Master Systems
R-Types Sony Playstation
R-Type Dimensions EX Xbox360, PS3, PS4, Switch
Super R-Type SNES
R-Type 3 Third Lightning SNES
Armed Police Unit Gallop
R-Type LEO
R-Type Delta
R-Type Final
R-Type Final 2
R-Type Tactics/Command I & II

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