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15 BEST PS4 RPGs You Should Play (2021 Edition) | PlayStation 4

by eiga

We’re celebrating the best PS4 RPGs from the console’s history. You’ll find a wide range of RPGs here, from more traditional turn-based affairs to kung-fu action bonanzas and Gothic horror crossovers. There’s truly something for RPG lovers of all stripes here, so read on.

Bear in mind that thanks to backwards compatibility, all of these games will also work on PS5.

00:00 Intro
01:10 Genshin Impact
01:55 Monster Hunter World
02:25 The Outer Worlds
02:52 Final Fantasy 15
03:20 Undertale
04:00 Kingdom Hearts 3
04:30 Persona 5 Royal
05:06 Bastion
05:38 Horizon Zero Dawn
06:20 Sekiro
06:55 FF7 Remake
07:36 Bloodborne
08:20 Diablo 3
09:04 The Witcher 3
09:49 Dark Souls 3

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