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MMORPG Tier List 2022

by eiga

With 2021 drawing to an end I thought it’d be a good idea to wrap up the year with a big MMORPG Tier List, So in this video we’ll be ranking 41 different MMOs from S tier to F tier, Bare in mind the MMOs included on this list are the ones that I generally consider the most relevent although there’s a few I wanted to include just for fun, Apologies if I didn’t include a certain MMO you’re interested in, and the order of this list is based on my own personal preferences

What is your own personal MMORPG tier list or top 10 MMOs of 2021/ 2022? do you think any upcoming MMORPG will make the list in 2022? will New World eventually move up to A tier? let me know in the comments below!

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—MMORPG 2022 Tier List Description—

MMOs featured in this video

A Tier
– Black Desert Online
– Guild Wars 2
– Albion Online
– Old School Runescape
– WoW Classic
– WoW Retail
– Lost Ark

B Tier
– New World
– Runescape 3

C Tier
– Archeage
– Elyon
– Blade & Soul
– Swords Of Legends Online

D Tier
– Vindictus
– Bless Unleashed
– Lord Of The Rings Online
– Lineage 2
– Neverwinter
– Guild Wars 1
– Secret World Legends
– PSo2 New Genesis

Niche Tier
– Eve Online
– Mortal Online 2
– Gloria Victis
– Warhammer Online
– RaiderZ
– AQ3D
– Trove

F Tier
– Crowfall
– Riders Of Icarus
– Astellia
– Skyforge
– Revelation Online
– League Of Angels

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MMORPG Tier List 2022