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CODM YouTubers Guessing Brawlers!

by eiga

CODM YouTubers Guessing Brawlers!

Ferg, Vague, Godzly & Aerith all attempt to guess brawler names lmao

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Welcome to Tribe Gaming, a channel where we compete in a series of both variety mobile gaming and real life challenges! We feature the best of the best creators in mobile gaming such as Orange Juice Gaming, Lex – Brawl Stars, BenTimm1, KairosTime Gaming, Chief Pat, Rey – Brawl Stars, and many others! Two of the main games we play are Brawl Stars & Clash Royale, using everything from the best to the worst, meta comps, and creating tons of funny moments along the way! We also a play a variety of other games outside of Supercell, so be sure to subscribe!!

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Summarize this content in Japanese Guessing brawler names oh sprout a fat Yoshi foshi wait I don’t even see it am I wrong or right Eric it’s sprout right oh I see it oh you’re close his name is Buzz that is not close at all how’s that close oh Jesse Jesse bro this guy knows all of

Them bro plays best spike a Spike oh Spike uh black and white mime mimic mimic it’s demon nah his name’s gray what the hell