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The Insane Portuguese Gambit!

by eiga

Hello everyone! This is a quick guide to the Portuguese Gambit stemming from the modern scandinavian. You can check out my guide to playing it in the comments below!

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Summarize this content in Japanese The crazy Portuguese Gambit comes after E4 and we go Pawn D5 the Scandinavian white takes instead of recapturing we’re gonna play Knight to F6 the modern variation and white here just tries to give the Palm back with a D4 but instead of taking we’ll play tricky Bishop to G4

Attacking their Queen and white can keep an extra Pawn here with f free we back up and now c4 we’ll now play Pawn to E6 allowing them to capture us once again and here we now play the tricky Knight to C6 after they take again we’ll recapture if our King and even though

We’re down two Pawns of a king and F7 we have a lot of development with a lot of open lines and our King is surprisingly safe and white has literally zero development and black wins a staggering 76 percent of games here check out my full opening guide in the comments below