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The Worst Lead Ever in Go Battle League in Pokemon GO, But… #shorts

by eiga

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Summarize this content in Japanese All right we got toxic packs which is a very very bad start cause toxic packs Wars azumaria like crazy oh yeah and now we totally get Warped by this how about that okay we’re gonna go inside strike as you guys can see it’s gonna resist all the moves from Mewtwo okay next

Slash You’re Gonna Knock us out totally gonna bring azumaria straight away let’s go with this this is gonna knock it out we’re gonna have to put an immediate switch into our Gallery stunt face because I foresee he’s gonna bring in toxic packs again bring in toxic packs now okay great switching into yellowish

Country is it Dragon Arrow though I’m gonna go with rock slide first great I caught it right thinking if I want to go ahead with another rock slide gonna go with rock slide again please shoot this okay now we have a slight chance against this opponent only way I can see we can

Win this we’re gonna go with earthquake hopefully Azamara can handle the remaining Health that’s left on the toxic packs oh my God we actually won this and we got it that was the worst lead possible you could ever have for your azumaru to face a toxic packs and I

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