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Don’t Let Kids Play Mobile Games!

by eiga

Summarize this content in Japanese So this is why you shouldn’t let kids play games on their phone what’s so bad about playing games on your phone so there’s this 13 year old girl that loves to play phone games and her teacher told her mom that she’s concerned that she might be addicted because the girl is

Always getting in trouble for using her phone in class but what’s crazy is the girl is so addicted to phone games she stole 64 000 from her parents to spend it on these games how did she steal 64 000 that her parents not know so the

Girl was so smart she would hide the transactions and hide the billing info from her parents like if they came in the mail she would hide it so her parents didn’t know it was happening and she literally wiped the entire family savings account and there was only seven

Cents left Candy Crush is addicting