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EASY Pawn Endgame Trick You Must Know

by eiga

EASY Pawn Endgame Trick You Must Know

Summarize this content in Japanese Can you win with white you gave so many presents to your friends by pushing this bone he blocked you with his King and now you realize the only way to keep the spawn is to move your king here and it’s a stalemate but white is totally winning

Here push the pawn and when he blocks you sacrifice the pole because it allows you to get something way more important in Pawn end games which is called the opposition the trick here is once you have the opposition go after this spawn instead he’ll try and stop you take your

Position again now attack the pawn and when he tries to defend we again use the same trick and now his spawn is lost he goes to GA you prepare the red carpet and when he goes here make sure to not give this check please because after

King HH this is a draw instead take opposition again King h8 don’t push the pawn or stalemate again play this move instead he goes there you go here he comes back and only now you can start pushing your phone and finally get your queen to win the game