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I was top 10 in a global tournament

by eiga

Summarize this content in Japanese I will stop telling the world in the recent tournament I played against Pros with topform finishes and I had to do some Next Level Pro play so I could win using daddy tornado no joking tornado won me so many games but these games were more sweaty than me and back okay

I’m lying that isn’t me it’s my poor friend Auntie but he ended up playing against Ian 77 who’s a pro player with so many top one finishes and 186k Subs on YouTube Ian had three musketeers and the fake me had no physical way of killing them so YT Crusher 21 ended up

Losing Ian thought that was me and posted this gameplay to his channel and cooled me out we crushed Crush so I ended up challenging him to a best of five the first game was looking good Ian didn’t get his look on time I just slapped the far American and I ended up crushing him but I kind of lost three two right after I’m doing a boss whale giveaway info and pin comment