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The most hated device in CODM

by eiga

The most hated device ever in CODM.

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Summarize this content in Japanese Three biggest reasons why iPads are the most hated device in Call of Duty mobile number one bigger hitboxes and easier enemy spotting to understand this in the simplest way just take an example you are near broken building of Crash and the enemy is in the shop behind head

Glitch on phone it’s almost impossible to see them from this distance even on 70 fov while on an iPad their head is clearly visible number two hyper touch sensitivity on these devices have you ever wondered why enemy escapes from your shock RC and blink of an eye while

It takes Infinity for you to escape from it it’s because iOS devices react to the actions on the screen very sharp and quickly number three if you have a bigger screen you will surely be able to use six to eight fingers without any problem while at the same time all your

Screen view will get blocked if you try doing the same on a phone so the conclusion is even if you play on the most powerful smartphones in the world you will still be in disadvantage against iPads and we all will have to admit it