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Hatching $50 Pokémon GO eggs

by eiga

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Summarize this content in Japanese Pokemon go just recently released a brand new shiny shiny Pancham which is exclusive to the 12 kilometer eggs and the 12 kilometer Eggs only which happened to be the hardest and most expensive eggs to hatch in Pokemon go so I went out and battled a ton of team

Leaders and got 12 12 kilometer eggs to find the shiny and here they are the 12 the 11 12 kilometer eggs the 12th is on the way don’t worry but let’s see we can hatch from 50 in eggs God this right here Pancham is the brand new shiny that

Is the one thing we’re looking for Oh come on Denny’s new shiny could be oh dang it that’s all oh Dino and inside Pawn yard at least give me a band champ guy we got a Pancham wasn’t a shiny Mutt and here we are with the final 12 kilometer a inside of it we will have please be it no