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The odds of THIS happening was very low… #shorts #pokemongo #pokemon

by eiga

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#pokemongo #shinypokemon #pokemongo

Summarize this content in Japanese And just before the daily ended we have a two five five gallerian mulches this is gonna be a pain luckily I have something right over here I can put you guys down on this so we can try to catch this thing all right that should do it

We’ll see what happens we have a really big gallerian bird though I really doubt we’re gonna catch this thing hopefully we can land a decent throw on it some people say that you just have to throw right away that’s not a thing there’s really nothing to it besides hitting

Good throws and praying that RNG is on your side so let me just throw it here and see what happens of course he attacks I’m gonna try again real quick after the attack though throw again and of course it misses because he went up we’re gonna have to wait until he comes

Back down now just any second you come back down and stop attacking while you’re up there I can’t throw good throws when they’re up there like I can do decent ones when they’re down here but I’m not the best at it but let’s see it’s a great curve okay you know that’s

Better than nothing but it breaks out immediately and it’s gone forever cool