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Judit Polgar’s Greatest Weakness

by eiga

GM Judit Polgar discusses her biggest weakness in chess with GM Fabiano Caruana and GM Cristian Chirila

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Summarize this content in Japanese I think I I heard this from Vichy he said that one of the ways that they tried to take advantage uh or try to exploit your style was that you had some weaknesses in the opening that they had in preparation that was a bit more advanced do you feel like that was one

Of the ways you struggled against um players of your generation or players of your level oh absolutely absolutely that’s that’s not a question I mean I had to compensate it so much in the middle game and many games it happened that I was like first position after

Move 8 12 and then I had to put so much more energy into middle game to turn things around I could do it and it was it was good but somehow the energy should have been spent more on the getting a good opening and not not to

Try to fix everything in the middle okay and of course I could not fix everything in the middle game