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TH9 Trophy Pushing Attack Strategy (Clash of Clans)

by eiga

Town Hall 9 Trophy Pushing Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans! Sturge will be using the Queen Charge Mass Baby Dragon Attack Strategy for TH9 to Trophy Push by Attacking Town Hall 11s. This army should allow you to 2 star TH11s to Push all the way up to Champion League, Titan League or Legend League.

QC Mass Baby Dragons Link – https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=CopyArmy&army=u2x1-4×4-6×5-4×7-2×10-12x23s4x2-1×9

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Summarize this content in Japanese Here’s a title 9 pushing attack strategy to use against tunnel 11s I’ll be using the queen charge master dragon attack strategy with The Apprentice Warden inside the clan castle and I’ll be attacking this town hall 11 starting off at the top of the base with the queen

Then dropping the clan castle and then the four healers once the balloon comes out of the CC the enemy Electro Dragon comes out of the enemy clan castle so I poisoned them and raged the queen and healers and take them out I then drop one baby dragon on both sides of the

Queen a path her towards the middle of the base and then use another raid spell to allow for the wall breakers to open up into the first compartment and then doing the same thing to get to the tunnel compartment and making sure to freeze the single in front of Tower so

The queen can now take down the town hall and for the rest of the raid drop the remaining baby dragons the king and all of the other troops around the base to get the second star on this town 11.