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Beautiful Checkmate Trick You Must Know

by eiga

Beautiful Checkmate Trick You Must Know

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Enjoy The Video!

Summarize this content in Japanese How do you stop this Spawn from queening this Pawn can’t be stopped so the only way to try and win for white is if there is a Checkmate pattern start moving this Knight and if the king captures The Rook is now free to go to G1 and grab this

Spawn and win easily but wait of course your friend will smell this truck for miles away he Queens instead now check this forking has only one square and now we all do the same thing we keep looking for more checks that lead to Checkmate instead use your full Army and bring the

King threatening to Checkmate like this on the next move so black is forced to find some space to breathe and now are you looking for checks again don’t just reduce the space around this King threatening roof Checkmate but black can take so the Knight is not defended

Anymore defend it again and when the queen takes this spawn Rook check the king takes the Knight and now how do you Checkmate on the next move