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本格的 モバイルゲーム

by eiga

Summarize this content in Japanese And then Belgium and it’s a very nice weather at the moment above the Greek island so uh I can give you a very short tour of the Flight of the 747 so you have the primary flight display we have the uh airspeed indicator altitude and we got the attitude information as

Well blue is the sky and brown is the ground and we see the uh aircraft symbol and the one nice tool that we can use is the flight by vector and that’s basically where the uh the path is going or where the aircraft is heading to

Because as you can see you got a huge cost winds so the aircraft is flying like this but in fact it’s not pointing that direction but it’s going to go in that direction so at least you have an idea of the path of the aircraft so we’re flying like this but going

Slightly to the right so that could be a nice tool