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Hitman’s Forgotten Mobile Game #hitmantrilogy #mobilegame

by eiga

Summarize this content in Japanese Did you know Hitman has a forgotten mobile game from 2014 called Hitman Go in this turn-based yes turn-based Hitman game you play as Agent 47 trying to take out all of the guards in an area and reach the end of the level without being caught if 47 moves to the same space as

A guard when they aren’t looking the guard is knocked off the board and lands on the side but if a guard within one space was looking at 47 while he did all that he will be caught and arrested the game continues to add mechanics that are known for being in the regular Hitman

Games such as throwing stuff to ra guards and honestly it’s pretty fun the game’s only five bucks on the App Store so if you’re dying for Hitman content on the go it’s not the worst option but now you can ask people