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Call Cheaters what they are – CHEATERS!

by eiga

Just a reminder to call Cheaters what they are – CHEATERS!

#BGMI #Battlegrounds #CheaterNotHacker #CheaterKoCheaterBol

Summarize this content in Japanese This is utav utav likes to call himself a hacker but still uses Internet Explorer as his default browser that’s because he’s not the cool kind of a hacker but a lame one who wins chicken dinners at the expense of the FD ratios of honest Gamers he

Does so because he has never been called something that sounds so cool before a hacker in fact he loves it so much that he wants to be one all the time his friends too seem to have had enough of his Antics has no friends anymore and his situation is dire and so if you’re seeing this message stop using the word hacker for cheaters as it could help UTV and many more like him come to their senses