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Summarize this content in Japanese If Cod mobile was made by EA Sports okay let’s check this out all right you’re loading up obviously you have that super intrusive EA logo in the sound popping up this game is taking too much time to load do you want to pay for $5 just to speed up

The loading time for COD mobile oh my god do you want to log in for two bucks oh my God this is actually so true everything is behind a pay wall do you want to Bro $6 to close ads do you want to close ads for $6 again okay you click

Yes okay you got to click yes so many times remove ads for 60 bucks bro what the go just to get into multiplayer it’s four bucks to choose a map two bucks bro this is insane literally EA games are just like this every single time you

Click in a menu or an option it’s behind the pay wall if Cod mobile was just if Cod mobile was made by EA I would never play the game