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1987 [55fps] R-Type Nomiss ALL

by eiga

アール・タイプ / R-Type (Japan) IREM 1987 939,000pts Player KIN 収録Ver Mame32Plus!Plus!0.114 ノーミス2周クリア 老体に鞭打って頑張ってみました。グラディウスに劣らぬ名作ですね。 

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システムボード:アイレム M72システム
CPU構成[V30, Z80] 音源チップ[YM2151]

「スパルタンX」のヒット以来、少し意気消沈気味だったアイレムが発売した起死回生の大ヒット作品。 独特の世界観と戦略性の高いゲームシステム、謎の生命体フォースという全く新しい攻撃方法、 超巨大戦艦の登場など新たなアイデアが詰め込まれた傑作。 ショットボタンを押し続けることで波動砲という強力な溜め撃ちが可能で、 いかにボスの弱点に波動砲を撃ち込むかということが当時のゲーマーの命題だった。 また、3段階に成長する無敵のフォースが特徴的で、これを自機の前部、後部に付け替えたり、 分離突撃させたりと攻略の重要な要素となっている。全8ステージで2周エンド。 ちなみに、ロケテストなるものが凄腕プレイヤーの集う店「巣鴨キャロット」にて行われた。

憎悪と殺戮が支配する世界。それがバイド帝国である。 そこには、我々を恐怖の底へと招く得体の知れない異形生物が生息していた。 一刻も早く、我々の手によってそれらを打ち砕かねばならない。 緊張と対立、今ここに壮絶な戦いが始まろうとしている。
[出典:アール・タイプ 業務用販促チラシ(アイレム)]

R-Type (c) 1987 Irem Corp.

R-Type is a sideways-scrolling shoot-em-up in which the evil Bydo Empire rules the galaxy through fear and intimidation and it’s up to the player – piloting their heavily-armed R-9 space ship – to battle through eight tough levels to the heart of the Bydo stronghold and defeat them.

The game’s revolutionary weapons system is its real stroke of genius. The first of numerous innovations that R-Type bought to the genre is the beam weapon: when the fire button is held down, a ‘power meter’ starts to charge up; once the meter is full, releasing the fire button unleashes a very powerful plasma burst capable of inflicting much greater damage to enemy ships or even destroying numerous enemies simultaneously. The trade-off is that charging the weapon takes up valuable seconds, giving the Bydo ships time to attack.

The most significant addition to R-type’s arsenal is the now-legendary ‘Force Pod’. This takes the form of an invincible, detachable laser-firing pod that can be attached to either the front or rear of the player’s ship, or can be detached completely, after which the pod sits some distance either ahead or behind the player’s ship, tracking its movements and providing additional fire power. When attached to the R9 ship, the pod acts as a shield. This forms a crucial part of R-Type’s gameplay and has to be fully utilised to navigate certain sections of the game, such as the huge mothership that comprises the game’s 3rd stage.

R-Type’s levels are designed to make full use of its unique weapons system, making for very linear and demanding gameplay in which losing or picking up the wrong weapon at the wrong time often leads to an instant death. Its intelligent, precise and demanding level design, gave the world its first truly ‘strategic’ shoot-em-up.


Irem M-72 system hardware

Main CPU : V30 (@ 8 Mhz)
Sound CPU : Z80 (@ 3.579545 Mhz)
Sound Chips : YM2151 (@ 3.579545 Mhz)

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 2


R-Type was released in July 1987.


1. R-Type (1987, Arcade)
2. R-Type II (1989, Arcade)
3. R-Type Leo (1992, Arcade)
4. R-Type III – The 3rd Lightning (1994, Super Famicom)
5. R-Type Delta [Model SLPS-01688] (1999, PlayStation)
6. R-Type Final (2003, PS2)
7. R-Type Tactics (2007, PSP)
8. R-Type Tactics II (2009, PSP)
9. R-Type Final 2 (2021, PlayStation 4,Xbox One,Xbox Series X/S,Nintendo Switch,PC)


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