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by eiga

More and more otome games are now on the nintendo switch. This video introduces popular english otome games currently available!

There are many other otome games too, but I decided to include the major otome titles that are spoken about amongst the otome community.

Games mentioned in this video:
– Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth
(+ 2 fan disks: Future Blessings, Wintertide Miracles)
– Collar x Malice
– Piofiore: Fated Memories
– Cafe Enchante
– Olympia Soirée
– Bustafellows
– Steam Prison
– Cupid Parasite

To be release:
– Variable Barricade
– LoverPretemd

Few more well known otome games:
– Nightshade
– The men of Yoshiwara
– Spiral Memoria
– A number of Voltage games

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