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Starting a Trading Career Q&A | At the Table by Urban Forex Ep.005

by eiga

In this fifth episode of ‘At The Table’, Navin answers some questions that he received recently. He and Armand talk about some of the essential aspects all traders face at some point in their career.

00:00 – Introduction
01:15 – I’ve learned so many things about trading and forex, it’s a lot of info, without a plan I don’t know what to do with it and where to start.
03:35 – How do you make sure trading remotely works for you?
08:00 – How does one changes from being an unprofitable trader to being profitable and consistent?
10:02 – How to manage a trade when it’s in the red?
12:58 – How to emotionally handle unsuccessful trades and how to stayed motivated?
15:45 – How to find my WHY?
19:30 – How long will forex trading be around for? Will bitcoin, and other crypto currencies take over?
21:32 – How to trust my analysis?
23:28 – What is the advise for aggressive traders except ‘be patient’?
29:16 – How much is there to learn? Does knowledge ever stop?
33:38 – How to become disciplined in trading?
42:45 – What lot sizes do beginners trade?
48:20 – How or when do you know it’s time to trade with real money?
53:15 – What advise do you give to someone who wants to leave their 8-5 job into a full time trader?
58:20 – How to balance life and trading?

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