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Fukuoka History Tour 😃Solo Trip Japan Vlog 福岡(ひよ子が福岡銘菓である理由:水城館・太宰府政庁跡・九州国立博物館・筑豊炭田・田川市石炭・歴史博物館)

by eiga


This is a vlog of various historical sites in Fukuoka Prefecture.
The first one is Suijo, a castle built in ancient times. It is 1.2 km long, 80 m wide, 10 m high, and consists of earthen mounds and a moat filled with water inside and out. For those who do not like history, “What’s so interesting? But I found myself looking at the water castle for an hour (laugh).
Next was the Dazaifu Government Office Ruins. This is the site where the government office of Dazaifu, a diplomatic and defense base in Kyushu, was located. To be frank, it is just a square with nothing special about it, and the museum attached to it is also small, so it was difficult to enjoy for a long time.
The next stop was the Kyushu National Museum. It is the fourth national museum after Tokyo, Nara, and Kyoto, and is not an art museum but a history museum. The museum is located behind Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, which is crowded with tourists, but there were not many people there. It’s interesting, and I urge you to go!
Finally, we went over the mountains to the Chikuho Coalfield area. The view from the railroad was spectacular, and I was soaked in sentimentality. It was a great way to end the trip!

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🏆World Museums & Galleries Visitor Ranking 🏆.
No. 1 🥇 Louvre Museum (France): 7,400,000 visitors
No. 2 🥈 Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA): 7,006,859
No. 3 🥉 British Museum (U.K.): 6,420,395 visitors
No. 4 🏅 National Gallery (U.K.): 6,262,839 visitors
No. 5 🏅 Vatican Museums (Vatican): 6,066,649
No. 6 🏅 Tate Modern (U.K.): 5,839,197
No. 7 🏅 National Palace Museum (Taiwan): 4,665,725
No. 8 🏅 National Gallery of Art, USA: 4,261,391 visitors
No. 9 🏅 Hermitage Museum (Russia): 4,119,103 visitors
No. 10🏅 Queen Sofia Art Center, Spain: 3,646,598

Source: World Museums & Galleries Visitors Admission Ranking,https://www.venven.jp/世界の美術館&Museums-Visitors-Admission-Ranking/

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0:00 Start from Hakata Station!
0:24 Croissant (MIGNON) at Hakata Station
1:10 To Mizukikan!
7:11 To Dazaifu Government Site!
11:06 To Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine! (Umegae cake)
12:41 To Kyushu National Museum!
15:41 Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine in the rain
16:27 To Chikuho Coal Field Area!
21:46 Tagawa City Coal & History Museum
25:57 To Kitakyushu Airport! (Railroad that used to carry coal)
31:40 From Kitakyushu Airport to Haneda Airport!