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Does Trading Really Work?

by eiga

Does Trading Really Work?
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Does stock or options trading really work? Someone from one of our Private Facebook groups shared this:

“How is everybody doing? I got out last Friday losing most of my gains, and yesterday I got stopped out of a loss during the same day and today I put on three trades, two long and one short, and they’re all in the red. Is everybody in the same boat or staying out of the market?”

Does this sound familiar? Sometimes it feels that you’re going one step forward and then two steps back.

Sometimes traders will look at some charts with huge moving percentages, penny stocks usually, and get in on these huge spikes, only for the stock price to fall shortly after.

To avoid situations like this, there are 2 things you need to trade successfully:
1. A solid Trading Strategy. With this you will know
– What to trade
– When to enter a trade
– When to exit a trade

2. You must have confidence in your strategy.
-You get this by knowing what to expect.

I know what to expect by trading with the PowerX Strategy and using the PowerX Optimizer software. I use it every night to scan for stocks that meet my criteria, and I confirm them the next morning. This only takes me 15-35 minutes a day.

For more information about the PowerX Optimizer software visit:

When I run the software I look for stocks that will yield me a 60% per year ROI. I am also expecting a 40% winning percentage and a profit factor of at least 3. This means for every dollar I lose, I earn 3 in return.

I am currently trading with a relatively small account of $20,000. As of June 17th my results since May 19th were:
-192 signals
-42 triggered with 31 trades filled
-Of these 31 trades, 9 were still open on June 17th, with 22 closed
-Of these 22, I closed 6 with profit, 16 with a loss

6 winning trades out of 22 is a 27% win rate. Since I expect a 40% win rate, this account is underperforming. It is normal, however for strategies to underperform, and overperform.

At the time these trades were happening, there was a lot of uncertainty in the markets due to the Coronavirus, and waiting for a vaccine for covid 19, but I fully expect that the strategy to start to overperform soon.

The key when you’re strategy is underperforming is to keep your losses small. I was only down $600 on a $20K account which is only around 3%. My average winning trade was $433, so a winning trade would get me to about break even.

Is it possible to make money trading? Yes, but remember:
1. Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
2. Stay focused.
3. Stay disciplined.

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