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Handstand Push Up Tutorial Step By Step – Learn to Kick Up and Get Confident Upside Down!

by eiga

Handstand Push Ups can be intimidating to learn, because kicking up and pressing while upside down is a very unnatural movement – especially when you’re not confident in your strength.

But just like the push up, you can progress step by step so that by the time you’re fully upside down, you feel confident that you can hold your weight, kick up to the wall, and protect your neck and upper body – even if these skills feel far away right now.

Give these progressions and accessory movements a try, stick with it, and tag me when you get your very first handstand push ups!

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00:00 Chubbies – Get my shorts!
02:28 Intro

— Getting Confident Upside Down —
02:48 Confidence
Upside Down
03:41 External Load
04:46 Isometric strength
while inverted
05:20 Tall Plank
05:31 Downward Dog
05:50 Pike Handstand
(feet on box)
06:19 Pike Handstand
(feet on wall)
06:43 Wall Facing
07:02 Handstand
(back to wall)

— How to Kick Up, Place Your Head, & Build Strength Step By Step —
07:23 Kicking Up Tutorial
08:56 Tripod Lesson
09:37 Downward Dog
Push Up
9:59 Pike Handstand
Push Up
10:26 Deficit Pike
Handstand Push Up
10:59 Handstand Push Up
11:28 Deficit Handstand
Push Up Negative

— Practicing the Full Handstand Push Up & Getting More —
12:03 Tempo 31X1
12:42 EMOM Progression

— Favorite Accessory Moves —
13:58 Yoga Push Up
14:10 Dumbbell Z Press
14:25 Standing Single
Arm Dumbbell Press
15:09 Banded Push Downs
15:16 Supine DB
Tricep Extensions
15:33 Thanks for Watching

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